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What is this?

This is a .Net implementation of a basic Boinc Gui RPC client, which is capable of connecting to and manage Boinc.
The project is intentionally implemented in .NET 2.0, so it can be run with mono.

Usage Example - Basic

This example shows how basic Boinc functions can be accessed and called.

//Creates a new Boinc Gui RPC client for the local host 
Boinc.BoincClient b = new Boinc.BoincClient();

//Connect. Find the password for connecting automatically. 

//Attaches to a project
//b.AttachToProject("", "PROJECT TOKEN HERE", "WCG");

//Gets and lists current projects
Console.WriteLine("Current projects:");
foreach(Project p in b.GetProjects()) {
    Console.WriteLine("{0} ({1})", p.ProjectName, p.MasterUrl);
    Console.WriteLine("Disk Usage: {0} MB", p.DiskUsage);
    if (p.Suspended)
        Console.WriteLine("Suspended via gui");
    if (p.MoreWorkAllowed)
        Console.WriteLine("Allow more work");
    if (p.HasEnded)
        Console.WriteLine("Project has ended");
    //Resume or suspend project. 

//Gets the client version
Console.WriteLine("Client version: {0}", b.GetVersion());

//Gets results, proxy settings and preferences
IEnumerable<Result> results = b.GetResults();
ProxySettings prox = b.GetProxySettings();
Preferences pref = b.GetPreferences();

//Sets preferences
b.SetPreferences(new Preferences(false, false, 50, 10, 1));

//Closes the connection

Usage Example - Event Driven

This example shows how the BoincWatcher class can be used to work with Boinc using events for state changes.

BoincClient client;
BoincWatcher watcher;

//Call this method to initialize the system. 
private void Initialize() 
      client = new BoincClient();     

      //Create a new watcher.
      watcher = new BoincWatcher(b);

      //Register events of choice.
      watcher.ProjectAdded += new EventHandler<CollectionModifiedEventArgs<Project>>(watcher_ProjectAdded);
      watcher.ProjectRemoved += new EventHandler<CollectionModifiedEventArgs<Project>>(watcher_ProjectRemoved);
     watcher.TaskAdded += new EventHandler<CollectionModifiedEventArgs<Result>>(watcher_TaskAdded);
     watcher.TaskRemoved += new EventHandler<CollectionModifiedEventArgs<Result>>(watcher_TaskRemoved);
     watcher.TaskStateChanged += new EventHandler<TaskStateChangedEventArgs>(watcher_TaskStateChanged);

//Call this method periodically, using a timer or similar. 
//Take care about thread synchronization.
private void Refresh() 
      //Query new information from Boinc and raise events, if applicable. 

//Event handlers
static void watcher_TaskStateChanged(object sender, TaskStateChangedEventArgs e)
      Console.WriteLine("Task Changed: " + e.NewState.Name);
      Console.WriteLine("     Percentage: " + e.NewState.FractionDone);
      Console.WriteLine("     Remaining Time: " + e.NewState.EstimatedCpuTimeRemaining);
      Console.WriteLine("     Ready To Report: " + e.NewState.ReadyToReport);
      Console.WriteLine("     Ack: " + e.NewState.Acknowledged);

static void watcher_TaskRemoved(object sender, CollectionModifiedEventArgs<Result> e)
      Console.WriteLine("Task Removed: " + e.ModifiedItem.Name);

static void watcher_TaskAdded(object sender, CollectionModifiedEventArgs<Result> e)
      Console.WriteLine("Task Added: " + e.ModifiedItem.Name);

static void watcher_ProjectRemoved(object sender, CollectionModifiedEventArgs<Project> e)
      Console.WriteLine("Project Removed: " + e.ModifiedItem.ProjectName);

static void watcher_ProjectAdded(object sender, CollectionModifiedEventArgs<Project> e)
      Console.WriteLine("Project Added: " + e.ModifiedItem.ProjectName);

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